Share Your Favorite WordPress Swag You’ve Collected Over The Years

Have you collected some WordPress merchandise (or “swag”) over the years? Have a cool WordCamp t-shirt, a stuffed Wapuu, or a lanyard adorned with nine different pins and buttons? Yes, yes you do – admit it! Everyone loves some WordPress merchandise and you probably have a favorite item (or two or three) that you’ve saved over the years.

Share these great items with the WordPress community by snapping a photo (bonus points if it’s a selfie of you with the item) and share the photo on social media with the hashtag #WP20. Let everyone know where and when you received your special item.

Let’s see who has the oldest, rarest, and most unique WordPress merchandise!

Need some more merch to add to your collection? You can purchase some limited edition WP20 merchandise here.

For bonus points, you can submit your photo to the WordPress Photo Directory and make it a permanent part of the internet!