Wapuu Coloring Giveaway: Style Your Own Party Wapuu

You might’ve noticed the 20th anniversary party Wapuu floating through your social media feeds. Now it’s your turn to make your mark on this special version of the WordPress mascot—with the chance to win some limited edition swag!

How to participate

  1. Read the Official Rules
  2. Download the Wapuu coloring set (includes a .zip file with .pdf, .png, .svg, and .ai formats).
  3. Get creative! Color your Wapuu however you like.
  4. Share your colorful Wapuu on Twitter with the #WapuuWP20 hashtag.

Submissions close on April 17, 2023 at 03:59 UTC. (Though you’re welcome to keep coloring and sharing all the way until the big day on May 27.)

Prizes to be won

You have a chance to win one of three WP20 Swag Kits, complete with a variety of unique anniversary goods. From lapel pins to stickers, and some surprise mystery items, they’ll be a memorable collection for this milestone moment in WordPress history. 

Dust off your markers, pencils, or pastels. Launch your favorite digital drawing tool. Ask AI for some help. Whatever your medium of choice, join the fun by sharing your creations with fellow WordPressers—and the world.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an age restriction to enter?
Yes. You need to be 18 years old, or the legal age of majority where you live.

I don’t have Twitter or a social media account. Can I still enter the giveaway?
Yes! You can send an email (with or without your colorful Wapuu) to wapuucontest@wordpressfoundation.org with the subject line “#WapuuWP20” to enter.

Can I enter more than once?
Only one entry per person will be accepted to the random draw.

How will I know if I won?
If you’re one of the randomly-selected winners, you’ll be contacted the same way you entered the giveaway: either through Twitter or email.

Do I need to pay anything to enter or claim the prize if I win?
You don’t need to pay or purchase anything to enter. 

If you win, most shipping costs will be covered. You will be responsible for paying any taxes or duties needed to receive your prize.

How can I find the entries? I’d love to see all the colorful Wapuus. 
You can follow @WordPress and the hashtag #WapuuWP20 on Twitter. Or keep checking the WP20 site for a random selection of featured entries throughout the giveaway.

Who is Wapuu?
Wapuu is the cute, cuddly, and friendly mascot of the WordPress project. They represent the joy, passion, and creativity of its thriving community. Learn more about Wapuu’s origin and history.

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