Download 3D WP20-Themed Media

Check out the downloads page for some newly added media assets you can use for presentations, wallpaper, social media, and your WP20 celebrations! Then, when sharing on social media, be sure to use the #WP20 hashtag!

From Blogs to Blocks

The WordPress community marketing team is facilitating a fun and interactive way to celebrate 20 years of WordPress called, “From Blogs to Blocks”.

What’s Your Favorite WordPress Moment?

Whether you have attended just one or multiple events, you’ve likely made lasting memories and connections that have helped you grow personally and professionally. So, why not share your favorite WordCamp/meetup memory? It’s a great way to inspire and encourage others to join the community and create their own memories.

Download “Selfie Props” for WP20 Meetup Celebrations

Are you planning on organizing or attending a WP20 Celebration? If so, you can download and print one or more of the many images to add some pizzazz to your WordPress celebration photos. Whether attending in-person or virtually, adding a prop to show your spirit is a fun way to celebrate!

Wapuu Coloring Giveaway: Style Your Own Party Wapuu

You might’ve noticed the 20th anniversary party Wapuu floating through your social media feeds. Now it’s your turn to make your mark on this special version of the WordPress mascot—with the chance to win some limited edition swag!